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Fuji Dri-chem NX500

A New Generation of Clinical Chemistry

Safety and Simplicity in Operation, Compactness, Diversity in Tests…. ALL in ONE

FUJI DRI-CHEM from FUJIFILM is a dry chemistry analyzer which can perform multiple test parameters of Clinical Chemistry. It has a built-in auto-pipetting system, requires no calibration and no water, providing easy preparation and maintenance. The new FUJI DRI-CHEM NX500 delivers results using a simple 3-step procedure. With its quick, easy operation and compactness, “Real Time and Borderless” Clinical Chemistry is made possible

Simple 3-step procedure

Fully Automated Procedure
1. Set the slide (Dry Slide Reagents).
2. Set the sample.
3. Press START.
No Parameter Input Required Information of the parameter is incorporated in the bar code printed on the back of every slide.

Easy operation by touch screen

5.7 inch VGA, 640 ✕ 480. Qwerty touch Key board. Basic Mode / Advanced Mode are available according to user preference. (Basic Mode: displays operation procedure for one sample only. Advanced Mode: displays operation procedure for one sample and measurement status for previous measured samples.)

No pre-treatment of sample required

Plasma Filter (PF) can cut the turn around time and the pre-treatment process of the sample. It can generate plasma sample by aspirating and separating the whole blood inside the PF within 1 minute. Just set the PF on top of the sample tube and press START

  • Have the PF card read in the designated analyzer.
  • Set PF on the top of sample tube.
  • Press Start.
  • Suction unit move to be connected on PF and start aspiration of whole blood.
  • Whole blood is being separated at glass fiber layer in PF to sample Plasma

Automatic dilution

Dilution, a time consuming process, is also automated in FUJI DRI-CHEM. Just set the ratio of dilution and press START. Dilution test also can be performed simultaneously with the regular tests, requiring no separation of tests.

No calibration required * QC card system

A magnetic card called QC card will adjust the lot variability in the slide reagents. A QC card comes with every reagent box. The analyzer memorizes the lot adjustment information once a QC card is swiped. No need to swipe QC in every measurement for the same slide lot.

*CRP: Further calibration by liquid calibrators is needed. ISE: QC card system is not used

Only 10µL/Test

Each test needs only 10µL of sample. (CRP needs 5µL/test, ISE needs 50µL/3 tests). Manual pipetting can be also performed when less sample available. Less invasive for newborn at NICU

A range of sample tubes can be used

Blood Collection Tube( 13~16 ✕75~100mm)
FUJI PLAIN TUBE (0.5mL, 1.5mL)

Minimize the risk of biological hazard

Slide reagents after measurement will be automatically discarded to the disposal box, minimizing the risk of contamination

  • Field-proven technology

Colorimetric method slide

Enzymes, General Chemistry and Immunology

This multilayered slide composses of dry chemical ingredients for the reaction and other functional materials. It quantifies enzymes and chemicals using colorimetric method

Potentiometric method slide


Each slide comes with an ion selective film electrode for each of Na, K and Cl. Slides quantify electrolytes in the sample by a potentiometric method

Accurate and reliable test results from long term and field-proven technology & experience

The FUJI DRI-CHEM slide reagent has high reliability and stability brought by fine chemical technology cultivated through the long history of FUJIFILM in photographic film manufacturing. Less variation of results between operators, high result reproducibility and daily precision, and excellent correlation with wet chemistry are its remarkable features.

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